WCLC 2024

WCLC 2024
Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,  

It is our great pleasure and honor to extend a warm invitation to attend and participate in the IASLC 2024 World Conference on Lung Cancer (#WCLC24) to be held in San Diego, California, USA from September 7 – 10, 2024.  

2024 marks a major milestone for IASLC as an organization as we are celebrating our 50th anniversary and we are delighted to have you join us in San Diego for this momentous occasion as we mark half a century of remarkable achievements, growth, and progress in the field of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.  

Over the years, IASLC has become the only global network dedicated to the study and eradication of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. Since its founding in 1974, the association’s membership has grown to more than 10,000 lung and thoracic cancer specialists from all disciplines, spanning more than 100 countries. IASLC’s annual World Conference on Lung Cancer has played an integral part in facilitating that progress by providing a platform for sharing cutting-edge research, collaboration, and networking among industry leaders, experts, and visionaries from around the world. 

Join us in San Diego in 2024 to reflect on this remarkable journey of the past five decades and celebrate the huge achievements we have all contributed to. We are working on an exceptional program that encapsulates the spirit of IASLC and its members and the progress we have made. Our speakers, discussants, and panelists are world-renowned experts in the field, offering profound insights and practice-changing treatments. WCLC connects established researchers with young investigators and serves as a foundational meeting for healthcare professionals, patients, and advocates dedicating their lives to conquering thoracic cancers worldwide. We are proud to say that WCLC has become the premier platform—not only for the presentation of new science—but also for unique networking opportunities.  

We hope you will be a part of IASLC’s ongoing success story and join us in San Diego for an exciting program with wide-ranging and multidisciplinary content. We encourage physicians, nurses, clinicians, researchers, and scientists, as well as patients, survivors, and advocates in the lung cancer field and those interested in any aspect of thoracic oncology to attend this Conference. It is only through an exchange of the widest variety of research that we can offer the best program and benefits to our members and patients. 

We look forward to welcoming you to an inspiring, educational, and enjoyable program in San Diego in September 2024 and hope you will join the IASLC 50 Year Anniversary celebrations! 

WCLC 2024 Conference Chairs 

Sandip Patel,

Linda Martin,

Narjust Florez,

Fabio Ynoe de Moraes,

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